Economical Animal Production

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Enteric Disease Has a Significant Financial Impact on Poultry and Livestock Production

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A Healthy Intestinal Environment Is Especially Important for Antibiotic-Free Production

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Effective Nutrient Absorption Is Essential for Efficient Feed Use and Optimal Growth

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A Well-Functioning Intestine Helps Protect Against Performance Loss From Pathogens and Biotoxins

Enteric disease costs poultry and livestock producers billions of dollars each year due to increased mortality, reduced growth and inefficient feed conversion. Additionally, enteric disease control has become challenging due to reduced use of in-feed antibiotics.

Economical Production Needs a Healthy Intestine

An important component of profitable and economical production is keeping the intestinal environment of animals healthy — especially for antibiotic-free producers. A healthy intestinal environment promotes effective nutrient absorption, efficient gains and successful defense against pathogens and their toxins.

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