Safeguard Livestock Health and Productivity with On-Site Mycotoxin Diagnostics and Product Dosing Guide

Bio Insights Mycotoxin Diagnostics by Amlan International

Mycotoxins are a natural product of fungal metabolism. However, when they end up in livestock feed, they are of critical concern for producers worldwide because of their detrimental impact on health and productivity: they can reduce feed intake and efficiency, decrease weight gain, damage internal organs such as the liver and kidneys and increase mortality.1

Despite several mycotoxin binder products in the market, mycotoxins continue to be a problem; a 2013 global mycotoxin survey revealed that 81% of grain and feed samples analyzed contained at least one mycotoxin.2

Previously, the only way to determine if feed was contaminated with mycotoxins was to send samples to outside laboratories for analysis. With BioInsights Mycotoxin Diagnostic Services, producers can test feed ingredients on-site and accurately identify mycotoxins in minutes. As a result, producers can eliminate the cost and delay of sending samples to outside laboratories for testing and optimally dose Amlan International’s biotoxin control product, Calibrin-Z.

Using its extensive mineral chemistry experience, expertise in animal science and state-of-the-art microbiology lab, coupled with a partnership with a diagnostic leader in the industry, Amlan International has developed this program to help its partners raise animals safely and efficiently by providing biological insights to prevent production losses.

Minimize production losses with timely mycotoxin diagnostic results

To bring producers the first diagnostic system for fast and accurate on-site mycotoxin detection, Amlan International partnered with Envirologix, the world’s most trusted name for quantitative GMO testing at the point of grain delivery.

Using a standard PC computer platform, the Envirologix QuickScan II system works with mycotoxin test kits to provide rapid, accurate quantitative results. In under 10 minutes, the system extracts, incubates and identifies mycotoxins in feed. Producers can then use Amlan International’s dose calculator to determine the optimal dose of adsorbents, such as Calibrin®-Z, to protect their animals.

The dangers of multiple mycotoxins in poultry feed

In many cases, feed may be contaminated with multiple mycotoxins. Together, they can have a synergistic, or additive effect, meaning the negative effects of one mycotoxin are amplified by the interaction with another, making their combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Producers are encouraged to consider the total toxin load when dosing mycotoxin adsorbents.


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