Economical Production With Natural Feed Additives

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Enteric Disease Has a Significant Financial Impact on Poultry and Livestock Production

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A Healthy Intestinal Environment Is Especially Important for Antibiotic-Free Production

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Effective Nutrient Absorption Is Essential for Efficient Feed Use and Optimal Growth

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A Well-Functioning Intestine Helps Protect Against Performance Loss From Pathogens and Biotoxins

Enteric disease costs poultry and livestock producers billions of dollars each year due to increased mortality, reduced growth and inefficient feed conversion. Additionally, enteric disease control has become challenging due to reduced use of in-feed antibiotics.

An important component of profitable and economical production is keeping the intestinal environment of animals healthy — especially for antibiotic-free producers. A healthy intestinal environment promotes effective nutrient absorption, efficient gains and successful defense against pathogens and their toxins.

Economical Production with Amlan Natural Feed Additives

The natural mineral-based feed additives from Amlan International improve animal intestinal health, maximize production efficiency and create value for producers. Improving intestinal health allows better absorption of nutrients to promote growth and more efficient feed conversion. Multiple studies have confirmed that our natural feed additives can improve weight gain and feed efficiency, leading to enhanced production economics for producers.


Promotes Efficiency and Productivity in Poultry

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Natural Alternative to Anticoccidial Drugs and Vaccines


Broad-Spectrum Biotoxin Binder


Pathogen Control for Antibiotic-Free Production


Supports Intestinal Health and Immunity in Swine

Amlan Feed Additives Naturally Improve Performance

Multiple independent studies have proven the feed efficiency and weight gain improvements Amlan feed additives can provide through optimizing intestinal health.

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Calibrin-Z is our broad-spectrum biotoxin-binder for all species that adsorbs mycotoxins, pathogens and bacterial toxins to optimize gut health, improve FCR and boost your bottom line. The antibiotic-free feed additive ensures more efficient nutrient absorption, better animal performance and improved yields.

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Patented Varium promotes feed conversion by reducing the intestinal pathogen load, strengthening the intestinal barrier and safely stimulating intestinal immunity.

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NeoPrime is our patented feed additive for swine that promotes intestinal health and gently primes intestinal immunity. In both university and commercial farm studies, NeoPrime consistently improved feed conversion and weight gain in piglets.

NeutraPath Logo
NeutraPath is our natural pathogen control product for antibiotic-free production, due to its bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties. In two studies, broilers challenged with Eimeria maxima and Clostridium perfringens and fed NeutraPath had greater weight gain and better feed efficiency than challenged control birds. NeutraPath-fed broilers also had equivalent performance to broilers fed an antibiotic.

Phylox Feed Logo
Phylox Feed is our natural alternative to anticoccidial drugs and vaccines formulated with a synergistic blend of bioactive phytochemicals. In multiple studies, Phylox improved the performance of Eimeria-challenged broilers.

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