Necrotic Enteritis

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Costs the Poultry Industry Billions of Dollars Each Year

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Impairs Nutrient Absorption, Reducing Feed Conversion

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Caused by Overgrowth of Clostridium perfringens

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Coccidiosis Promotes the Invasion of Clostridium perfringens

The fast onset of necrotic enteritis and the devastating production losses it can inflict make it one of the most challenging and economically significant diseases for the poultry industry — particularly for antibiotic-free producers. However, best practice management strategies and feed additives that promote intestinal health and function can improve poultry health, reducing the risk of disease and maximizing production efficiency.

Mineral Technology that Targets C. perfringens Virulence Factors

Our natural mineral-based feed additives, Varium®, NeutraPath® and Calibrin®-Z, can help reduce the incidence of necrotic enteritis and maintain economical production. The causative agent of necrotic enteritis, C. perfringens, can mount a fast, efficient attack on the host via a number of virulence factors, including toxins and cell-to-cell communication (quorum sensing). Our natural mineral-based products can disrupt quorum sensing, bind bacterial toxins and reduce the virulence of C. perfringens.

Varium for Feed Conversion and Intestinal Health

Varium, a natural patented mineral-based feed formulation, can reduce challenges from pathogenic bacteria and their toxins, strengthen the intestinal barrier and gently stimulate intestinal immunity to naturally defend against disease.

  • Necrotic enteritis-challenged broilers fed Varium had similar weight gain and feed conversion as challenged broilers fed antibiotics
  • Varium bound the C. perfringens-produced toxins alpha-toxin and NetB toxin in vitro


Broad-Spectrum Biotoxin Binder


Pathogen Control for Antibiotic-Free Production

Other Amlan Products That Help Control Necrotic Enteritis

In high-challenge environments, Calibrin-Z, a broad-spectrum biotoxin-control feed additive, can be used with Varium to reduce the level of pathogens in the intestines that cause mortality, wet droppings, reduced feed conversion and damage to intestinal integrity. Varium can also be used with NeutraPath — a natural pathogen-control feed additive that has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects and can also neutralize pathogen virulence factors.

Proven Natural Solutions for Necrotic Enteritis Control

We know that the increasing restrictions on antibiotic growth promoter use have complicated necrotic enteritis control for antibiotic-free producers. That’s why we partner with contract research organizations, universities and large-scale commercial producers to ensure our mineral-based feed additives can provide natural control solutions to reduce the incidence of necrotic enteritis in flocks.

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