Salmonellosis Challenges for Poultry and Livestock

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Salmonellosis Is a Global Cause of Diarrheal Disease in People

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Salmonella Passing From Animals to People Through Contaminated Eggs and Meat Is a Cause of Salmonellosis

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Animals Are Often Asymptomatic Carriers of Salmonella, With Their Intestinal Tracts Serving As Pathogen Reservoirs

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Salmonella Transmission Can Be Due to Horizontal (Animal to Animal) or Vertical (Parent to Progeny) Transmission

Salmonella is one of the most prevalent zoonotic pathogens worldwide, making salmonellosis a common foodborne illness in people. However, by using strategies that reduce the contamination of poultry and meat products at the farm level, producers can play an important role in reducing the incidence of salmonellosis.

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Salmonella Transmission From Animals to People

To enter the human food chain, Salmonella must first colonize the animal’s intestinal tract before spreading to people by contaminating the environment and the carcass during slaughter. In poultry, Salmonella colonization of the cecum can also cause vertical transmission (parent to progeny) through contamination of the yolk, albumen and eggshell membranes. Contaminated meat and poultry products then serve as a source of infection in consumers when these products are not handled or cooked properly.

Reduce Salmonella Contamination to Help Prevent Salmonellosis

There is a global effort to reduce the use of in-feed antibiotics in animal protein production in an effort to slow the emergence of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens. This presents a challenge for producers who are being urged to control Salmonella at the farm level to reduce its contamination of meat and poultry products during processing. However, natural feed additives are available to help control Salmonella in production animals and reduce the incidence of salmonellosis in people.

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Varium® Adsorbs Salmonella In Vitro

Varium, our patented mineral-based feed additive for poultry, agglutinates (adsorbs) Salmonella species, which can help prevent colonization of the intestinal wall and further proliferation.

Varium Reduces Cecal Salmonella Colonization in Broilers

Supporting the in vitro agglutination results, Varium reduced cecal Salmonella colonization in a 28-day broiler trial conducted by a contract research organization. In this study, broilers challenged with Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis and supplemented with Varium had a 5-log reduction in cecal S. Enteritidis levels on day 14, compared to the challenged control, as well as an overall reduction in S. Enteritidis numbers throughout the study.

NeutraPath® Reduces Salmonella Prevalence in Broilers

NeutraPath is our natural performance feed additive that delivers a potent synergistic effect against bacterial pathogens. In a contract research organization study, Salmonella-challenged broilers fed NeutraPath for one week prior to slaughter had reduced prevalence of S. Heidelberg in cecal contents and fewer positive cloacal swabs, compared to the challenged control.

Other Amlan Products That Can Help Reduce Intestinal Colonization of Pathogens

Patented, mineral-based NeoPrime® has the same synergistic ingredients as Varium but is formulated specifically for swine. Additionally, in high-challenge environments, Calibrin®-Z, our broad-spectrum biotoxin-control feed additive, can be used with Varium, NeoPrime or NeutraPath to reduce the level of pathogens, bacterial toxins and mycotoxins in the intestines.


Supports Intestinal Health and Immunity in Swine


Broad-Spectrum Biotoxin Binder

Proven Natural Solutions for Salmonellosis

University and contract research organization studies have proven the effects of Amlan feed additives against Salmonella. In these studies, our feed additives reduced Salmonella colonization and preserved the functional integrity of the intestinal barrier during Salmonella challenge.

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