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Dr. Hongyu Xue

Dr. Xue received his MD degree at Peking Union Medical School in China and also earned a PhD in oncological nutrition and translational medicine from the University of Alberta, Canada. Before joining Oil-Dri and Amlan, he was assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at University of Colorado’s School of Medicine, serving as principal investigator to lead and supervise multiple preclinical animal trials. He is a leading research scientist in the field of animal and human nutrition and metabolic care of the gastrointestinal tract in health and disease. His research has been directed towards exploring the therapeutic benefits of dietary supplements (eg, amino acids, fatty acids, and prebiotics/probiotics) in health and disease settings. His multidisciplinary research background cross-links gastroenterology, nutrition, immunology, and microbiology. Dr. Xue recently joined Oil-Dri and Amlan International as life sciences director. He leads the new life sciences development team and provides day-to-day insight and direction of research that creates value with sorbent mineral formulations used as feed additives to control enteric diseases and improve gut health.

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