Calibrin®-Z Improves Dairy Cattle Health and Performance in Four Commercial Case Studies

Calibrin Z logo over feeding cows.

If there’s one goal dairy cattle producers strive to achieve, it’s production efficiency. Reproductive efficiency, feed efficiency or overall milk production — dairy producers want their cows performing to their maximum potential. But for a cow to be efficient, she also needs to be healthy.

Dairy farmers around the world face a multitude of potential health challenges in their herds; from heat stress to bacterial disease to mycotoxin-contaminated feed, it’s a lot to manage. It’s unlikely that some of these health challenges can be completely avoided but mitigating them with a natural feed additive like Calibrin®-Z can go a long way to keeping cows healthier and more likely to achieve their production potential.

A Proven Biotoxin Binder

Calibrin-Z is a mineral-based feed additive that binds bacterial pathogens and their toxins, as well as mycotoxins, protecting dairy cattle from a broad spectrum of biotoxins that reduce performance and cause morbidity or mortality. A one-ingredient feed additive, Calibrin-Z is made from our single-source calcium montmorillonite with opal-CT lepispheres that undergoes proprietary thermal processing (tailored to the product) to promote the binding of multiple biotoxins in the intestine of dairy cattle. A healthy gastrointestinal tract means a healthier, more productive cow.

Commercial Dairy Farms Recognize the Benefits of Calibrin-Z

In four commercial-based case studies, Calibrin-Z increased dairy herd performance for several key performance indicators against a wide variety of challenges and in diverse environmental conditions. In Mexico, two dairy farms, approximately 1,200 lactating cows each, were used in a four-month side-by-side study. The two farms shared silage, used the same diet formulation and feed ingredients, and the age, lactation period and condition of the cows were evenly distributed between the two farms. Mycotoxin analysis showed low mycotoxin concentrations during the trial, however, the potential to improve performance of the herd was still evident.

Adding Calibrin-Z to the ration increased milk production, enhanced feed efficiency, decreased somatic cell count and reduced death and abortion loss (Figures 1 and 2).

Milk production before and after Calibrin-Z info graphic.
Figure 1: Milk production was greater in dairy cows fed Calibrin-Z (P < 0.01)


Somatic cell count info graphic.
Figure 2: Somatic cell count was lower in dairy cows fed Calibrin-Z (P < 0.001)


Calibrin-Z also improved the health of cows from two farms in Mexico that were experiencing other kinds of health challenges. One farm had high levels of mycotoxin contamination (T-2 and DON) and a high incidence of Clostridium in the region. Calibrin-Z was able to improve the general health and production of the herd and reduce death loss. Another farm had medium levels of mycotoxin contamination and was experiencing abnormally high abortions. Heat stress was also a factor on this farm. Calibrin-Z was able to reduce abortion loss, decrease cull numbers and improve the general health of the herd.

The fourth case study was conducted on two dairy farms located in the Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, where data collected over the 88-day study was compared to the previous year’s data. Feed samples showed medium levels of mycotoxin contamination at these farms. Calibrin-Z increased milk production, improved reproductive performance and decreased disease incidence (Figures 3 and 4).

Year over year milk production info graphic.
Figure 3: Calibrin-Z improved milk production in dairy cows compared to the previous year (P < 0.05).


Mastitis and enteritis info graphic.
Figure 4: Calibrin-Z reduced the incidence of mastitis and enteritis in dairy cows compared to the previous year.

These commercial case studies demonstrate the benefits Calibrin-Z can bring to a dairy cattle herd, no matter the level of disease or environmental challenges the farm is facing. To start your own Calibrin-Z trial or for more information about the benefits of using biotoxin-binding Calibrin-Z, contact us at