Amlan International Launches New Portfolio of Products at IPPE

The Poultry Site with Reagan Culbertson profile text graphic.

Source: The Poultry Site, June 13, 2022

While at the 2022 IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia, Sarah Mikesell, editor of The Poultry Site, took the opportunity to speak with Reagan Culbertson, Global Director of Branding and Communications for Amlan International, about the history of Amlan and the launch of new Amlan products at IPPE.

Reagan discussed how two new products, NeutraPath® and Phylox® Feed, have been added to Amlan’s range of natural, intestinal health feed additives for international markets. Amlan also used IPPE as a launch event for their new North American product portfolio for poultry, swine, dairy and aquaculture producers.

Reagan added that vertical integration with Oil-Dri® Corporation of America ensured traceability and quality control of the mineral used in Amlan’s products. This gives Amlan a distinct advantage in the market when it comes to the consistency of their products.

Watch the interview here.