Amlan International Receives Patent in China for Intestinal Health Formulation

Intestines illustration.

CHICAGO— Amlan International recently received a patent in China for its formulated intestinal health products. The products have three distinct modes of action that work together to strengthen the intestinal environment of livestock.

Patents for the same formula are currently pending in the United States and additional strategic countries. “Science and research are the foundation of our discovery process to naturally improve animal performance by protecting intestinal health,” says Ron Cravens, President, Amlan International, a Nevada corporation. “The issuance of the patent in China is further validation of our development strategy and the value of both our research and products.”

The patent covers two products specifically formulated for their respective species. In poultry, Varium improves feed efficiency, promotes growth and reduces mortality while replacing or enhancing existing antibiotic growth promoters. NeoPrime stimulates a healthy intestinal environment and primes the immune system for improved post-weaning piglet performance. The feed additives are being continuously proven efficacious in the field by outperforming competitive products and enabling producers to maximize both revenue and profit.

“An emerging focus in animal health is promoting the growth of livestock by strengthening the intestinal barrier to resist disease,” Cravens says. “Amlan is at the forefront of developing natural solutions that allow the animal to naturally defend itself by reducing intestinal pathogens and their biotoxins.” In 2013, the company’s global reach expanded with the establishment of a subsidiary in Shenzhen, China. For more information about Amlan’s portfolio of intestinal health products, visit


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Oil-Dri Corporation of America (NYSE: ODC), a Delaware corporation and doing business as “Amlan International,” has grown its product offering across the intestinal health and AGP-alternative market, driven largely by the research conducted in its laboratory campus in Vernon Hills, IL. In 2013, the company’s global reach expanded with the establishment of its China subsidiary in Shenzhen. Further information on Amlan International is available at

Source: Global News Wire