Making Antibiotic Alternatives Profitable for Southeast Asia Poultry Producers

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Poultry production in Southeast Asia is rapidly growing due to an increased demand for animal protein. As that demand increases, antibiotic use in the region has also come into greater question, as it remains a popular tool for curative and preventative applications in livestock production. With more countries joining the “anti-antibiotic” trend, it raises a conundrum: How do livestock producers meet the change in consumer demands while remaining economically viable?

In an article on VIV Online, Dr. Maximillian Sim, DVM, Amlan Southeast Asia Commercial and Technical Consultant, identifies the key factors leading up this critical point, namely a growing concern about antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in animals and humans and increased food regulations for many countries. This vulnerability is most evident for Southeast Asia, where livestock production is vitally important for economic growth and personal income.

While the long-term risks of antimicrobial resistance will be economically challenging, taking antibiotic growth promoters out of animal production would also severely hinder meat production in Asia. Without animal health solutions to mitigate these two factors, the negative consequences would be overwhelming, Dr. Sims writes.

In a recent interview, Dr. Sim provides insight into this market area, and how solutions from Amlan International are helping producers find a new, profitable path forward.

“I think right now the feed millers and also the producers have become more receptive to the idea of antibiotic-free or an antibiotic reductions program,” Dr. Sim says. “Right now, many of them have started seeking reliable alternatives to these antibiotics. I have seen some integrators in Southeast Asia even making a goal of shifting their entire broiler operations to an antibiotic-free system, which is very impressive.”

Dr. Sims details how Varium works with the broiler’s natural immune system to improve the animal’s natural defense against disease pathogens. By approaching ways to reduce the necessity of antibiotics in the food production system, integrators have a greater impact on the economic health of their herds, operations and local economies.

Listen to the video below to hear how Varium is helping poultry producers achieve the targeted growth in their herds naturally.