Oil-Dri Announces Indonesian Patent for Novel Mineral-Based Feed Additive Formulation

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CHICAGO — September 30, 2021 — The unique technology that this mineral-based feed additive brings to the Indonesian animal protein industry has been recognized with Oil-Dri Corporation of America (NYSE: ODC) as the inventor. Oil-Dri, a leading manufacturer of sorbent minerals, announces today that the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property has issued Patent IDP-000071991, titled “Clay Product and Uses Thereof.” The patent protects the novel, mineral-based formulation used in Amlan’s existing natural feed additives, Varium® for poultry and NeoPrime® for swine, that provides animal protein producers with natural solutions to maintain intestinal health and optimize production efficiency. The products are sold and marketed in international markets by Amlan International, the animal health business of Oil-Dri, trading in Indonesia as PT Amlan Perdagangan Internasional.

“Advancements in feed additive research and formulation are helping to transform animal protein production by providing proven and reliable alternatives to in-feed antibiotics used to promote growth and productivity,” says Dan Jaffee, President and CEO, Oil-Dri Corporation of America. Jaffee now also serves as President and General Manager of Amlan. “With Varium and NeoPrime, our team of experts have leveraged Oil-Dri’s 80 years of mineral science experience to develop a synergistic formulation of ingredients that help promote intestinal health and function in poultry and swine. The Indonesia patent is further recognition of the value that our unique mineral-based products bring to producers.”

With the world’s fourth-largest population, the demand for animal protein in Indonesia is rapidly increasing. Concomitantly there is an increased need for antibiotic-free feed additives that can support poultry and livestock health and production, due to the restriction on the use of antibiotic growth promoters and ionophores that was implemented in Indonesia in early 2020. To meet these demands, Indonesian animal protein producers need natural solutions that can maintain poultry and livestock health while ensuring economical production.

Amlan previously recognized the value their natural mineral-based products could offer Indonesian producers and opened PT Amlan Perdagangan Internasional in 2018. The subsidiary enables the Amlan team to partner directly with large-scale producers to address their production challenges. Amlan is also strategically focused on the expansion of its sales and technical service team, which together with the issuance of the patent, will allow them to better support Indonesian producers, helping them to achieve their production goals and meet the demand for high-quality animal protein.

“The Indonesian patent emphasizes Amlan’s commitment to transform animal protein production as the country knows it,” says Fred Kao, Vice President of Global Sales, Amlan International. “Feedback on Varium and NeoPrime from industry partners has been incredibly positive, making it a reliable antibiotic-free alternative for producers.”

Mineral-Based Technology

The patent provides a methodology for using a natural, mineral-based formulation to mitigate the effects of exposure to pathogenic bacteria and the disease-causing toxins they produce, which damage gut health and function. The United States, China, Korea and the EU have issued similar patents for the formulation featured in Varium and NeoPrime.

Unlike antibiotics, which are designed to kill bacteria, the patented technology includes a synergistic formula of three ingredients with distinct modes of action: (1) a thermally processed mineral that facilitates binding of pathogenic intestinal bacteria and the disease-causing toxins they produce, (2) an immunomodulator that stimulates an animal’s innate immune system to naturally defend against disease and (3) an energy source for the replenishment of intestinal epithelial cells that are essential for healthy gut function. Upon inclusion of this patented technology in animal feed, current producers have effectively eliminated the use of antibiotics to promote growth and have experienced equivalent or better outcomes.

Company Information

Amlan is the animal health business of Oil-Dri Corporation of America, leading global manufacturer and marketer of sorbent minerals. Oil-Dri leverages over 80 years of expertise in mineral science to selectively mine and process their unique mineral for consumer and business-to-business markets. Oil-Dri Corporation of America doing business as “Amlan International” is a publicly traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ODC). Amlan International sells feed additives across the world. Product availability may vary by country, associated claims do not constitute medical claims and may differ based on government requirements.