Aquaculture Challenges and Solutions

The intensive culture of farmed shrimp and fish in unique production environments can result in bacterial infection outbreaks. The toxins released from these bacterial pathogens can reduce performance, cause early mortality syndrome and negatively impact production economics, costing the aquaculture industry billions of dollars in annual revenue. Similarly, mycotoxin-contaminated aquaculture feed can cause economic loss through poor performance or mortality.


The toxins produced by Vibrio parahaemolyticus degrade the hepatopancreas and cause early mortality syndrome.


Our natural, mineral-based feed additive can help protect the hepatopancreas and create a barrier along the ampulla, preventing toxin entry into this vital digestive organ


Aquaculture feed can be contaminated with single or multiple mycotoxins that cause reduced performance and mortality in some cases.


Our natural mineral-based feed additive can adsorb a range of mycotoxins and help limit the production and health effects of mycotoxin-contaminated feed.

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Our mineral technology is the foundation of our feed additive for aquaculture. The distinct physical and chemical properties of our single-sourced mineral and our proprietary thermal processing are what make our innovative aquaculture feed additive unique in the market.

Vertical integration with Oil-Dri® Corporation of America helps Amlan produce reliable, high-quality mineral-based feed additives. We control the quality of our mineral from the mine to the feed bag — while following sustainable mining practices.

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Purpose Ingredient Benefits
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Broad-Spectrum Biotoxin Binder

    • Thermally Processed Calcium Montmorillonite


Body Weight



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Aquaculture Products With Proven Performance

All Amlan products undergo extensive research before they’re launched to prove their efficacy and mode of action. And they’re not just our results — we collaborate with leading contract research organizations, respected universities and large-scale commercial producers to ensure our products meet our expectations and the industry’s needs.

Evaluation of Calibrin-Z supplemented on diets for white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) through a challenge bioassay with pathogenic vibrio parahaemolyticus (AHPND), page 747.

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