Dairy Feed Additives for Intestinal Health

Mycotoxins and bacterial toxins can dramatically affect the bottom line for dairy farmers. The presence of mycotoxins in grains and on-farm silage, as well as bacterial toxins in the gastrointestinal tract of the dairy cow, intensify issues such as mastitis, infertility, lameness, abortion and milk production.


Pathogen-produced exotoxins and endotoxins can reduce nutrient absorption and decrease dairy cow performance due to intestinal barrier damage.


Our natural, mineral-based feed additives can help support intestinal health and dairy cow performance by defending the intestinal environment from bacteria-produced toxins.


Depending on which mycotoxins are in the feed and how long dairy cows are exposed, mycotoxicosis can cause a range of negative production effects.


Dairy producers can reduce the risk of negative production and health effects from mycotoxicosis with our mineral-based feed additives that bind mycotoxins.

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Our natural, mineral-based feed additives can adsorb bacterial toxins and mycotoxins in the intestine to help maintain cow health and performance. Unlike other clay-based products, we use a proprietary thermal processing technique (not chemicals), tailored specifically for each of our products, to optimize our unique single-source mineral — it’s the Amlan difference.

Amlan is vertically integrated with Oil-Dri® Corporation of America which means we control the processing, and therefore the reliability and quality, of our unique mineral technology. We do this by following sustainable mining practices and keeping the world in mind by using natural ingredients in our feed additives.

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Purpose Ingredient Benefits
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Broad-Spectrum Biotoxin Binder

    • Thermally Processed Calcium Montmorillonite


Exotoxins, Endotoxin, Mycotoxins

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Aflatoxin Binder

    • Thermally Processed Calcium Montmorillonite

Fast Adsorption of Polar Mycotoxins

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Dairy Cattle Products With Proven Performance

All Amlan products undergo extensive research before they’re launched to prove their efficacy and mode of action. And they’re not just our results — we collaborate with leading contract research organizations, respected universities and large-scale commercial producers to ensure our products meet our expectations and the industry’s needs.

Effect of adding a mycotoxin-sequestering agent on milk aflatoxin M1 concentration and the performance and immune response of dairy cattle fed an aflatoxin B1-contaminated diet
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