Amlan International Adds Sales Manager, Distribution Partner and is Granted New Registration Of Calibrin-Z in the Philippines

Calibrin-Z and Philippines Flag.

CHICAGO — November 30, 2022 — Amlan International, the animal health business of Oil-Dri® Corporation of America, is pleased to announce exciting new developments for their business in the Philippines. Jayson Fernandez joined Amlan as a sales manager for the Philippines in January 2022 and FJ Wegon Animal Health and Nutrition Inc. is now registered to distribute proven biotoxin binder Calibrin®-Z. Registration is pending of additional high-value feed additives, such as patented Varium®, designed for poultry feed efficiency.

The Philippines is the fourth-largest poultry producer in Southeast Asia, producing 1.4 million tons of broiler meat in 2020, and the third-largest swine producer in Asia, producing 1.5 million tons of pork meat. However, these production achievements have not been without challenges. The poultry industry is still recovering from COVID-19 disruptions, and swine repopulation efforts are continuing after African swine fever outbreaks.

“As producers in the Philippines continue to navigate industry challenges, Amlan is focused on providing animals with better gut protection to enhance their overall health, while also improving the bottom line,” said Dr. Wade Robey, Vice President, Agriculture & Amlan Marketing. “Jayson joining our team helps ensure long-term value and profitability for our customers in the Philippines.”

In his current role, Jayson advocates the benefits of Amlan’s mineral technology which helps to protect the intestinal linings of poultry and livestock. The core of Amlan’s products is the unique, selectively -sourced, calcium montmorillonite with naturally occurring opal-CT lepisheres. Vertical integration allows Oil-Dri and Amlan to control every step of the mineral production process to reliably deliver safe, high-quality, and efficacious feed additives to the global market.

Jayson has 14 years of experience in poultry breeder and broiler operations, including time as a farm operations manager in Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He also served as a technical manager for a well-known global poultry pedigree breeding company. Before joining Amlan, Jayson was a private consultant for various poultry growers in the Philippines and managed sales for a local distributor of an American and European poultry equipment brand.

“As our animal health business continues to grow, so does our commitment to providing our key customers with local sales support and distributors,” said Dan Jaffee, President, and CEO of Oil-Dri and President and General Manager of Amlan. “Jayson will be available to answer any questions our customers in the Philippines have about the performance of our products and how to apply them economically and most effectively.”

Company Information

Amlan is the animal health business of Oil-Dri Corporation of America, leading global manufacturer and marketer of sorbent minerals. Oil-Dri leverages over 80 years of expertise in mineral science to selectively mine and process their unique mineral for consumer and business-to-business markets. Oil-Dri Corporation of America doing business as “Amlan International” is a publicly traded stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ODC). Amlan International sells feed additives across the world. Product availability may vary by country, associated claims do not constitute medical claims and may differ based on government requirements.