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Committed To The Highest Standards

All Amlan International products are made to the highest industry standards for non-medicated feed additives to ensure their safety and consistent performance. Our quality systems are audited and certified annually by independent parties to demonstrate compliance.


This standard provides a framework to manage business and ensure a philosophy of continual improvement in all aspects of our business. Our quality management systems in place at our production plants increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our organization through continual quality improvement in systems, products, and services. It also helps us ensure sustained customer satisfaction through services and support functions that meet customers’ needs and expectations.

International Safe Feed/Safe Food

We believe that providing our customers with safety and quality assurances of our products is paramount to building trust and long-term relationships. That is why we are a certified International Safe Feed/Safe Food plant. This voluntary and independently certified program, designed for the total feed industry, establishes comprehensive standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations to maximize food and feed safety. This certification is a model program for feed and food professionals to achieve the goal of providing safe, healthy feed and food for customers and consumers.

HACCP certification

Effective hygiene control is needed to avoid the adverse human health and economic consequences of foodborne illness and food spoilage. Amlan International uses modern hygiene controls at every stage of production that follow the HACCP approach consistent with EU Regulations. The HACCP system used in the production of our products is certified by NSF International, an independent certification organization.

Ingredient traceability

Recent food pathogen scares have shown that identifying feed and food origins is necessary for consumer protection. Amlan International employs internal systems that can trace products from the farm, back to their origins.

Halal Certification

Our feed additives only use ingredients which are AAFCO, FDA or EU approved for use in feed. This helps to secure the safety of the animal and coupled with our manufacturing processes brings us into compliance with certain human dietary standards such as Halal.

Quarterly Testing

Independent analytical laboratories in the EU test our products each quarter to assure they comply with all known global feed additive regulations. Those findings are reviewed and published by an independent company. Our Regulatory Compliance Statement sets the standard for compliance and reporting and assures our customers that they are purchasing quality, regulatory-compliant raw materials for use in their products.

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)

Our goal is to provide natural, safe solutions that enhance the innate ability of the body to heal and grow. That’s why we are proud to carry the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) seal of approval on many of our products. OMRI is an international nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI Listed® products are approved to be used in certified organic operations under the USDA National Organic Program.


FAMI-QS is a certification created exclusively for specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures. Many countries require the FAMI-QS certification to sell and market specialty feed ingredients within their borders. Amlan International consistently meets the requirements set forth by FAMI/-QS and has acquired certifications for all applicable products and production facilities where such products are manufactured.

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