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Our unique calcium montmorillonite is the foundation of Amlan International’s innovative value-adding feed additives for poultry and livestock. As the animal health business of Oil-Dri® Corporation of America, Amlan products are backed by Oil-Dri’s 80-plus years of mineral science expertise. Additionally, vertical integration means Oil-Dri and Amlan own every step of the production process to consistently deliver safe, high-quality animal health products around the world.


What Is Our Unique Calcium Montmorillonite?

Primarily composed of calcium montmorillonite with high-capacity opal-CT lepispheres

Type of phyllosilicate constructed of nano-scale layers

Mined from a single source in the USA

Mineral technology.

Unique Composition and Structure

Low bulk density and high surface area

Extensive porosity with networks of capillary channels

Interconnected pores mean more than 99% of the total surface area is internal

Mineral composition structure.

Proprietary Thermal Processing

Raw montmorillonite has a high moisture content due to water between the mineral layers

Thermal processing eliminates free moisture, making the montmorillonite more hydrophobic

The processing method is optimized for each product to create unique functionalities

Thermal processing avoids the use of harmful chemicals others use to alter the chemical composition of clay minerals

Thermal processing.

Molecular Interactions

Thermal processing allows interactions between hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules and the inter-mineral layer

Molecules migrate towards internal sites on the mineral’s surface

Smaller molecules travel further into the finer pores, while larger molecules travel to peripheral sites

Target molecules adsorption.

Safe and Reliable Products

Vertical integration allows us to control every step of the production process to deliver safe, high-quality products

Amlan performs extensive core drilling analyses to selectively mine the highest quality raw materials

Independent laboratories regularly test our calcium montmorillonite to ensure that it is safe to be fed to animals

Digging raw materials.
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Opal-CT lepispheres help maintain structure during processing

Green cross.

Thermally processed — not chemically activated

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Safe, consistent and quality-controlled

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Mined and processed from a single mine in the USA

Our Calcium Montmorillonite IS the Amlan Difference

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