Ambio™-S Supports Swine Intestinal Strength

Formulated to Naturally Support Intestinal Strength in Swine

  • Supports intestinal barrier strength
  • Designed specifically for swine
  • Synergistic formulation of our unique calcium montmorillonite, yeast and a functional amino acid

Ambio-S MM Pile.
Piglet shield.

A Healthy Intestine Is Key for Nutrient Absorption

A healthy intestinal environment is critical to increasing piglet value through improved nutrient utilization. Healthy and strong enterocytes can better absorb nutrients and support weaned piglet growth. Intestinal mucus and epithelial cells also help defend swine against harmful bacteria and toxins.

The Intestinal Barrier Provides Natural Disease Protection

The intestine does more than just absorb nutrients, it’s also the first layer of defense against harmful bacteria and feed contamination. A healthy intestinal immune system naturally helps protect swine and is essential for optimal animal welfare and well-being.

Use Ambio™-S Alone or in Synergistic Combination With Other Amlan Products


Single-Ingredient All-Natural Feed Additive for Optimizing Gut Health


Supports Optimal Intestinal Health, Animal Welfare and Economic Performance
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