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Enterotec™ for Poultry and Swine Gut Function

Supports Normal Gut Function Naturally

  • Consumers are demanding the removal of antibiotics, ionophores and other harsh chemicals
  • Natural solution to meet demands for clean meat
  • Supports optimum productivity and improves bottom line profitability
  • No tissue residue concerns
  • Effective in a rotation strategy
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Healthy Enterocytes Mean Better Nutrient Absorption

The mucus and epithelial cells of the small intestine serve as a barrier to the external environment and are the first line of defense against harmful bacteria. Healthy and strong enterocytes can better absorb nutrients and support optimal bird growth.

A Competent Immune System Naturally Defends Against Disease

A healthy intestinal environment in birds does more than just aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. This is where the fight to maintain a healthy intestine can start and stop if managed properly. A strong intestinal immune system helps birds stay healthy and able to achieve producers’ productivity goals.

Use Enterotec™ Feed Alone or in Synergistic Combination With Other Amlan Products


Single-Ingredient All-Natural Feed Additive for Optimizing Gut Health


Formulated to Naturally Support Intestinal Strength in Poultry


Formulated to Naturally Support Intestinal Strength in Swine


Supports Optimal Intestinal Health, Animal Welfare and Economic Performance
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