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Intestinal Health


Guarding the Gut

While a healthy gut can be a catalyst for growth and overall health, an unhealthy intestinal environment can have a negative impact on nearly every system in the body. That’s because the intestine acts as a gatekeeper, protecting against harmful pathogens. This is where the fight against enteric disease can start and stop if maintained properly.

Normal healthy intestine.

A healthy intestinal environment does more than just aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The mucus and epithelial cells that line the small intestine form a barrier to the external environment and are an animal’s first line of defense against harmful pathogens.

Unhealthy intestine showing lesions that result from an imbalance in the gut microbiome.

An imbalanced intestinal environment can result in an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria or fungi, which triggers responses that lead to enteric disease.

Cross section of intestine showing a normal level of bacterial and toxin burden.

Cross section of intestine showing an unhealthy presentation of bacteria in the microbiome and the resulting increasing levels of toxin burden.

Halting the progression of bacterial diseases without antibiotics requires natural reduction of pathogenic bacteria, bacterial toxins, and grain fungal toxin levels in the intestinal environment.

Amlan’s technology provides cellular energy and nutrition to enterocytes, supporting a healthy intestinal barrier.

After the level of pathogenic challenge is reduced, strengthening the epithelial cells that line the gastrointestinal tract and keep pathogens outside the body helps provide additional protection.

At Amlan International, we believe natural defense is the best offense. Our research focuses on specific ingredients that provide cellular energy and nutrition to enterocytes. This supports their healthy function and promotes rapid replenishment. The stronger we can make the intestinal barrier, the greater protection it can provide against disease.

A weakened intestinal barrier where bacteria and toxins have overcome the cellular defense mechanisms and weakened enterocytes cannot effectively function.

Amlan’s technology provides ingredients that help safely present pathogens to intestinal microfold (M) cells, enhancing the immune system’s ability to mount an effective defense.

No intestinal environment can be completely rid of pathogens. Even antibiotics kill bacterial cells and cause the release of endotoxins that harm intestinal function and reduce animal performance.

Our technology works by safely presenting bound pathogens to the immune system via intestinal microfold (M) cells. Immune cells then process these antigens and create more immune cells to naturally defend against invasion.

By presenting these bound antigens safely to the immune system before it is overwhelmed by high levels of pathogenic challenge, the immune system is activated and prepared to mount a proper defense.

Without binding the antigens of the aggressive pathogens, the M cells cannot optimally do the job of mediating an effective immune response.


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