Intestinal Immune Function in Poultry and Livestock

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The Intestinal Barrier Is the First Line of Active Defense Against Disease

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The Gastrointestinal Tract Is Home to Approximately 70% of Avian Immune Cells

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Intestinal Integrity Plays a Key Role in Reducing the Risk of Infection

A competent immune system that prevents pathogens from establishing a successful infection is vital to keeping animals healthy and productive. The villi and the underlying tissue of the gut are home to a vast number of immune cells. These immune cells, along with the intestinal epithelial cells, are the first line of active defense against disease-causing organisms.

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Natural Solutions to Prime the Intestinal Immune System

Amlan offers natural mineral-based feed additives that safely prime the immune system to allow the animal’s biological systems to naturally defend against disease. Patented Varium® for poultry and NeoPrime® for swine bind pathogens and their toxins in the intestinal lumen and safely present them to the immune system. Immune cells process these antigens and create more immune cells to naturally defend against invasion. 

Varium and NeoPrime safely present the bound antigens to the immune system before it’s overwhelmed by high levels of pathogenic challenge, which means the immune system can activate and prepare  to mount a proper defense. Varium and NeoPrime also supply an energy source for epithelial cells. After reducing the pathogenic or bacterial toxin challenge, strengthening the epithelial cells helps provide added protection.

A Strong Intestinal Barrier Is Important for Pathogen Defense

Along with immune competence, the structure and functional integrity of the intestine are key to reducing the risk of infection. A healthy intestinal tract and competent immune system improve the ability of the animal to block the invasion of pathogens into intestinal epithelial cells and the circulatory system. 

In a contract research organization study, a fluorescent marker showed that on days 4 and 8 post-Salmonella challenge, Varium mitigated the increased intestinal permeability observed in Salmonella-challenged broilers. The reduced permeability confirmed that Varium helped maintain the structural and functional integrity of the intestinal barrier.


Pathogen Control for Antibiotic-Free Production


Broad-Spectrum Biotoxin Binder

Other Amlan Products That Help Defend Against Pathogen Invasion

Varium and NeoPrime can also be used with NeutraPath® — a natural antimicrobial that has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects and can also neutralize pathogen virulence factors. In high-challenge environments, Calibrin®-Z, a broad-spectrum biotoxin-binding feed additive, can be used with Varium and NeutraPath to reduce the level of mycotoxins, pathogens and bacterial toxins in the intestines.

Proven Natural Solutions for Intestinal Immune Function

A university-led trial showed that Varium can maintain, and potentially improve, the immune response of broilers to Newcastle disease virus vaccination compared with zinc bacitracin.

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