Phylox®: A Natural Anticoccidial Alternative

Natural Alternative to Anticoccidial Drugs and Vaccines

  • Interrupts Eimeria life cycle and prevents oocyst sporulation 
  • Strengthens intestinal integrity, reduces mortality and increases profitability
  • Use full-time, in rotation and/or in a bio-shuttle program when resistance is a concern
  • Ideal for all poultry species, including broilers, egg layers and broiler breeders
  • Synergistic blend of bioactive phytochemicals with no withdrawal period

Product availability may vary by country; associated claims do not constitute medical claims and may differ based on government requirements.

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Reduces Fecal Eimeria Oocyst Count

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Reduces Coccidial Lesion Scores

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Improves Feed Conversion and Weight Gain

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Reduces Coccidiosis-Associated Mortality and Morbidity

Natural, Non-Pharmaceutical Coccidiosis Solution for No-Antibiotic-Ever (NAE) Production

Phylox Targets Eimeria Function and Life Cycle

Phylox uses multiple methods to target Eimeria species and reduce the negative effects of coccidiosis on poultry health and performance. Phylox prevents oocyst sporulation by causing oxidative stress in Eimeria cells and preventing oocyst cell wall formation. Phylox also binds to the Eimeria cell membrane, damaging cell structure and integrity and causing Eimeria cell death.

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Phylox Energizes Host Intestinal Cells

The intestinal barrier is the first line of defense against pathogens. To help maintain this defense, Phylox provides cellular energy to strengthen and replenish epithelial cells. This creates a strong intestinal barrier to resist diseases like coccidiosis.

Phylox Is Comparable to Commercial Anticoccidials

In multiple studies, including in broilers raised in floor pens, Eimeria-challenged broilers fed Phylox had equivalent or better performance compared to broilers administered industry standard anticoccidials. This included vaccination, a bio-shuttle program, chemicals and ionophores. Research also showed that Phylox can be fed concurrently with anticoccidial vaccines, preventing disease breakthrough while immunity is being developed by the bird without interfering with vaccine efficacy.

Phylox Increases Performance and Improves the Health of Eimeria-Challenged Broilers

Studies at a leading contract research organization have proven that Phylox can improve weight gain and increase feed conversion while reducing mortality, lowering coccidial lesion scores and reducing fecal oocyst counts in Eimeria-challenged broilers.

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