Who We Are

We are Amlan International, and We Believe in the Power of Intestinal Health and the Science of Minerals.

A healthy intestine supports overall animal health and welfare, which is why we develop natural mineral-based feed additives for protein-producing animals. A healthy intestinal environment allows for ideal nutrient absorption, optimal animal performance and economical production.

And by following sustainable mining practices and using natural ingredients in our products, our products are made with the world in mind.

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Oil-Dri® Corporation of America and Amlan International: Sharing More Than a Mineral

Amlan International is the animal health business of Oil-Dri® Corporation of America, a leader in sorbent mineral technology.

Oil-Dri is publicly traded but was founded and has been operated by the Jaffee family since 1941. Amlan leverages these 80-plus years of Oil-Dri mineral science expertise to develop our scientifically proven mineral-based animal health solutions.

Oil-Dri and the single-source mineral used in Amlan products are based in the USA, and because Amlan and Oil-Dri are vertically integrated, we control the quality, reliability and safety of the mineral. Additionally, as the animal health business of Oil-Dri, Amlan shares not only the hundreds of years of mineral reserves but also the values and business ethics of Oil-Dri.

What Makes Amlan Different From Other Animal Health Companies? Our Mineral Technology.

The unique chemistry and structural properties of our mineral allow our proprietary thermal processing method to change the mineral’s surface chemistry. We use this technique to tailor our mineral to specific product applications, including products like Calibrin-Z that bind a broad spectrum of pathogens, exotoxins and mycotoxins.

Additionally, synergistic blends of our mineral with bioactive additives can further support animal health and productivity. In fact, multiple governments, including the United States, the European Union, China, Korea, Indonesia and Brazil (with other countries pending) have recognized the unique mineral-based technology within our formulated products Varium® and NeoPrime® and have issued a patent for the products’ modes of action.

Amlan and Oil-Dri Innovation Centers

If you want to conduct innovative research, you need a state-of-the-art facility to perform it in — and a global team of highly skilled specialists to accomplish it. That’s why Oil-Dri and Amlan built (and continue to invest in) cutting-edge innovation centers — the Richard M. Jaffee Center for Applied Microbiology and the Nick Jaffee Center for Innovation.

The Richard M. Jaffee Center for Applied Microbiology accelerates pioneering animal health and life sciences research, leading to natural value-adding products that enhance animal intestinal health and improve production efficiency. The Nick Jaffee Center for Innovation is home to the extensive Oil-Dri research and development program that has resulted in many breakthrough products and market applications.

There is a lot of technology inherent to our minerals. As we invest in R&D, we unlock its true potential.
— Dan Jaffee, President and CEO of Oil-Dri® Corporation of America and President and General Manager of Amlan International

Our Global Leadership Team

Amlan is actively growing, and we continue to significantly invest in our people to ensure we provide our customers with superior technical expertise and support. Our experienced team members are based in strategic locations throughout the world, ready to help our customers integrate Amlan products into their operations and improve animal health and production economics.

Leading the Amlan team are a group of talented professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the animal protein industry. Meet the global leadership team below.

Dr. Wade Robey

President of Amlan International and Vice President of Agriculture Oil-Dri
Heath Wessels profile.

Heath Wessels

Vice President of Sales, the Americas

Reagan Culbertson

Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Aldo Rossi profile.

Dr. Aldo Rossi

Vice President, Innovation and Technical Services
Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer

Director of Sales, North America
Jay Hughes profile.

Jay Hughes

Technical Services Director, Americas
Robin Jarquin

Dr. Robin Jarquin

Regional Director, LATAM

Dr. Cesar Coto

Technical Services Director, LATAM
Robert Soral profile.

Robert Soral

Product Regulatory Affairs Director
Toni Mitchell profile.

Toni Mitchell

Director of Finance, Amlan
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