NeoPrime® for Swine Intestinal Health

Patented NeoPrime for Growth and Intestinal Health of Post-Weaned Swine

  • Reduces the level of pathogenic challenge
  • Energizes epithelial cells in the intestinal barrier
  • Safely stimulates intestinal immunity
  • Reduces the fallback effects of piglet weaning
  • Synergistic formulation of our proprietary mineral technology, yeast and a functional amino acid

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Primes Intestinal Immunity

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Increases Weight Gain

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Increases Feed Efficiency

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Reduces Mortality

NeoPrime Counteracts the Fallback Effects of Piglet Weaning on Intestinal Health and Growth

NeoPrime Positively Modifies the Intestinal Environment

NeoPrime agglutinates pathogenic bacteria (e.g., K88 E. coli and Salmonella) and binds harmful bacterial-produced toxins. By reducing pathogenic bacteria and their toxins, NeoPrime can improve the fecal score of piglets and increase feed efficiency.

NeoPrime Energizes Enterocytes for Better Nutrient Absorption

A primed and healthy intestinal environment is critical to increasing piglet value through improved feed efficiency. NeoPrime provides an energy source for rapidly growing enterocytes, to better absorb nutrients and improve feed efficiency and weight gain — benefits that continue throughout the life of the pig.

Priming Piglet Intestinal Immune Systems for the Future

NeoPrime helps weaned piglets naturally defend against pathogens by presenting bound pathogens to the immune system to safely stimulate intestinal immunity. Feeding NeoPrime during the post-weaning period helps prime piglets’ immune systems against future pathogen challenges.

NeoPrime Reduces Piglet Mortality, Increases Weight Gain and Improves Feed Efficiency

NeoPrime supports piglet intestinal health and immune function for a lifetime of improved weight gain, reduced feed consumption and increased profitability. To prove these production and intestinal health benefits, we have collaborated with leading contract research organizations, well-known universities and large-scale commercial producers to demonstrate the efficacy of NeoPrime.

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