Intestinal Immune Function in Production Animals

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The Intestinal Barrier Is the First Line of Active Defense Against Disease

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The Gastrointestinal Tract Is Home to Approximately 70% of Avian Immune Cells

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Intestinal Integrity Plays a Key Role in Reducing the Risk of Infection

A competent immune system that prevents pathogens from establishing a successful infection is vital to keeping animals healthy and productive. The villi and the underlying tissue of the gut are home to a vast number of immune cells. These immune cells, along with the intestinal epithelial cells, are the first line of active defense against disease-causing organisms.

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A Strong Intestinal Barrier Is Important for Pathogen Defense

Along with immune competence, the structure and functional integrity of the intestine are key to reducing the risk of infection. A healthy intestinal tract and competent immune system improve the ability of the animal to block the invasion of pathogens into intestinal epithelial cells and the circulatory system.

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