AmSure™ Optimizes Intestinal Health and Economical Animal Production

Optimize intestinal health and economic performance with AmSure

  • Helps maintain a healthy Gastrointestinal tract, supports a well-functioning immune system and naturally encourages a strong, beneficial microbiome
  • Use with antibiotics or alone in poultry and swine feed when antibiotics are removed from rations
  • Proprietary blend of essential oils, medium-chain fatty acids and our  thermally processed calcium montmorillonite
  • For use in poultry and swine feed

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The Challenge of Producing Healthy Poultry and Livestock Without In-Feed Antibiotics

The growing trend around the world of removing subtherapeutic antibiotics from animal feed has made managing the nutritional and health requirements of production animals even more challenging. Producers are searching for natural feed additives that will optimize the health and well-being of their herds and flocks while also allowing them to market (with improved margins) the resultant milk, meat and egg products as antibiotic and/or drug free.

The Intestinal Environment Plays a Key Role in Protection Against Disease

Mycotoxins and harmful bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens and Escherichia coli are a leading cause of economic loss for producers. Harmful microorganisms can produce powerful toxins that damage the function of the intestine and reduce nutrient absorption — effects made worse by mycotoxin-contaminated feed. A healthy intestinal environment and a responsive intestinal immune system helps protect animals from mycotoxins and bacterial-produced toxins.

Improved Nutrition Starts With a Healthy Intestinal Immune System

Healthy and productive animals need a competent immune system, and this includes the intestinal immune system. The villi and gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) are home to a vast number of immune cells, which, along with the intestinal epithelial cells, are the first line of protection against disease-causing pathogens and toxins.

Consider Using AmSure in Combination with Other Amlan Products


Single-Ingredient All-Natural Feed Additive for Optimizing Gut Health


Formulated to Naturally Support Intestinal Strength in Poultry


Formulated to Naturally Support Intestinal Strength in Swine


Supports Normal Gut Function When Chemicals or Ionophores Are Removed
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