Ambio-P white.

Ambio-P™ Supports Poultry Intestinal Strength

Formulated to Naturally Support Intestinal Strength in Poultry

  • Supports intestinal barrier strength
  • Designed specifically for poultry 
  • Synergistic formulation of our unique calcium montmorillonite, yeast and a functional amino acid

Ambio-P mm pile.
Shielded chicken look left.

Healthy Enterocytes Mean Better Nutrient Absorption

The mucus and epithelial cells of the small intestine serve as a barrier to the external environment and are the first line of defense against harmful bacteria. Healthy and strong enterocytes can better absorb nutrients and support optimal bird growth.

A Competent Immune System Naturally Defends Against Disease

A healthy intestinal environment in birds does more than just aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. This is where the fight to maintain a healthy intestine can start and stop if managed properly. A strong intestinal immune system helps birds stay healthy and able to achieve producers’ productivity goals.

Use Ambio™-P Alone or in Synergistic Combination With Other Amlan Products


Single-Ingredient All-Natural Feed Additive for Optimizing Gut Health


Supports Optimal Intestinal Health, Animal Welfare and Economic Performance


Supports Normal Gut Function When Chemicals or Ionophores are Removed
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